It’s never too late to help save the animals

It’s never too late to help save the animals

The situation sometimes seems bleak, but there’s plenty you can do to contribute to save the animals and wildlife. We caused the current situation, but we can help fix it. Why? People are animals too. 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved the world of animals. When I was young, I devoured ZooBooks, National Geographic, and dozens of encyclopedia/scientific books (one of my favorites was a Dinosaur book I dubbed ‘Dinopedia’). I always had plans to be a veterinarian, zoologist, paleontologist, or whatever else seemed to fit my current favorite area of interest.

I fell into a different career path, but the passion has never gone away. Just a few years post-undergrad and into my career, I’ve started to gain a growing sense of helplessness about the fate of the animal life on planet Earth. But I decided to take action in the only way I currently know how: writing. I hope to empower and educate readers about how you can make a difference in your city, community, neighborhood, or even your own backyard.

I started Humanatee so that I can show you how easy it is to get involved. From education on animal conservation (I promise it won’t be crazy stuff) to the latest news about animals and their status in the wild, I’ll cover a pretty broad range. I even hope to provide reviews on specific zoos. Particularly on how they do in conservation efforts (real efforts, not just breeding).



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